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Have you always dreamed of a barefoot wedding on a white sand beach? How about getting married at sea on a luxury cruise liner?  Maybe you are looking for something really exotic, like a wedding on top of an Alaskan glacier. These are  examples of "destination weddings".  Essentially a destination wedding is any wedding not in your home town.  In most cases, the setting is quite intimate as only close friends and family are asked to attend. Popular spots include Hawaii, the Caribbean, Italy, Greece, Fiji and, of course, Las Vegas! For more information on Destination Weddings, as well as some of our favorite sports, please peruse our Destination Wedding Information.

Is a Destination Wedding right for you?  Just answer these simple questions.

With destination weddings, the possibilities are endless, from castles to seascapes to faraway lands. Does this idea of a non-traditional experience give you a giddy "the world is our oyster!" feeling--or a daunting, overwhelmed feeling?

A destination wedding promises a memorable experience. Are you the type of couple who don't mind facing the unexpected and “one of a kind” is just what you're looking for or does the idea of relinquishing control make you anxious and want to run for the door?

A destination wedding is often a longer celebration than one at home, lasting a few days. Either you love the notion of spending some time away with family and friends or you feel that one day is plenty for the "group" portion of the festivities.

A destination wedding typically involves fewer guests. You are either okay with the idea of having only your closest family and friends, or you won't feel as though it's really a wedding without your fourth-grade school bus driver or second cousin there to share the fun.

Do your guests all live in one place or are they spread out across the country or world?  If you guests all live in your home town it might make sense to have things right there, but if they are going to be traveling anyway it is just as easy to go to the Caribbean or Mexico.

If you answered and enthusiastic YES! to these questions then feel free to contact us today by emailing Nicole@LegendaryWorld.com or by calling 520-908-7808.