What's the Deal With Destination Weddings?

It's intimate. Having a destination wedding is like taking a mini-vacation with your closest family and friends; instead of one fleeting night, you have several relaxed days to enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest.

It's easy. The thought of spending the day before the wedding relaxing on the beach instead of running hundreds of errands has caused more than one bride to choose a destination wedding. Brides worry about the difficulties of planning a wedding from thousands of miles away, but the truth is, destination weddings are often far less work than traditional weddings.  At Legendary Weddings, we work with wedding coordinators all over the world to help make sure your wedding is the one you always dreamed about.

It's often less expensive. Add up the travel, the dress, the reception bill, and you may be surprised to find out that destination weddings are often less expensive than traditional weddings. This is because they generally involve fewer guests, and many resorts and hotels offer all-inclusive deals.

Your Guest List A destination wedding usually has a smaller guest list. After all, not everyone can afford the expenditures of hotel and airfare. But that doesn't mean you should count on guests declining your invitation. Some wedding destinations, particularly fabulous vacation areas, are just too tempting to resist -- even if they are expensive.

Give Your Guests A Heads Up It's important to give your guests as much advance notice about your wedding as possible. That means sending out save-the-date cards a minimum of five months in advance so your guests can make the necessary travel and vacation arrangements. Let us reserve a block of rooms at two hotels in different price ranges, and direct all your invitees to Legendary Weddings, where we can answer all their questions and handle their travel arrangements.

Details, Details If you are getting married in another state or country, you will need a local marriage license, and possibly a passport. The passport is simple; just be sure to apply well in advance of your wedding date. Getting the marriage license can be slightly trickier, especially in a foreign country. Let Legendary Weddings help you figure out the requirements such as blood tests, immunization certificates, an established residency, a waiting period, or a certain number of witnesses.

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The Top Destination Wedding Locations

This south-of-the-border neighbor is the most popular because of its close proximity to the U.S. and unbeatable wedding package deals at luxurious resorts. There are also plenty of activities to keep your guests busy, from snorkeling and sunbathing, to visiting historical ancient ruins.

The Caribbean
Although couples love Jamaica, the Caribbean consists of numerous other islands, each boasting its own beauty and culture. Consider Barbados, the Cayman Islands, or St. Lucia, but keep in mind that each island has different legal requirements.

Hawaii is a top honeymoon destination, as well as a favorite vacation spot. Guests can satisfy their craving for sun, sand, and relaxation without worrying about passport requirements and other hassles associated with foreign travel. While Oahu is the most “touristy,” Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, and the Big Island all have resorts with a destination wedding experience.

Besides beautiful beaches, this domestic destination is also the home of Walt Disney World. Brides can make their princess dreams come true with a fairy-tale wedding planned by Disney experts. While you’re busy taking pictures in the Magic Kingdom, your guests can enjoy the theme park, as well as visit Florida’s many other tourist attractions.

New York
Few cities are as romantic as New York, and Central Park is the heart of the city. For a small fee, hold your wedding ceremony in the lush gardens of this beautiful park. Popular locations include: The Conservatory Gardens, Bow Bridge, The Pond or Shakespeare Garden.  NYC has everything needed for the perfect wedding, from salons and spas, to excellent fine dining and one of the biggest international airports in the country, so you can jet off to you perfect honeymoon destination.

Europe exudes romance and a wedding by the Tuscan countryside is hard to resist. Italy is especially popular because unlike other European countries, it has a short residency requirement.

Cruise Ship
Believe it or not, couples are starting to have their destination weddings aboard a cruise ship. Have your ceremony while docked in your port of choice, or step off the ship and marry on a beach, glacier, chapel, or resort. Legendary Weddings works with large cruise lines who have professional wedding coordinators to help you get the necessary documents, find an officiant, and plan your reception menu.