Determining your Destination

This is one of the most difficult decisions to make. It's your honeymoon so you want to go somewhere really special. Besides those destinations with which you're already familiar, what other options might fit the bill? Where do you start?  What is the weather going to be like?  What can you afford?

One way to approach this often overwhelming question is to determine what you and your significant other really want out of your honeymoon. Undoubtedly, you will have areas of common interest as well as a few that don't match up. The key is to find a destination that fits with your most important requirements. To get the ball rolling, you can send us an email for our Honeymoon Destination Questionnaire. We recommend you and your significant other sit down and look it over separately and then discuss the questions.  This should help you clarify what is important to you as a couple.  If you want some help getting the ball rolling feel free to browse through out our Top 10 Honeymoon Destination list, our Weather and your Honeymoon information or our Destination Comparison Chart

If you're still bewildered, or are on a rush planning timeline - within two months of your departure date, please send an email right away to or call 520-908-7808.